About Staffing

About ProSelect Staffing LLC

ProSelect Staffing LLC is a specialized recruiter and staffing agency in Rochester, NY offering direct-hire and temporary jobs. Our company was founded with the principal of matching the best candidates with the best places to work. We know first-hand the challenges of finding top talent that not only have the skills needed to perform a role, but who also fit in with the company culture.

Only when an individual’s goals are aligned with a company’s goals does the result yield a successful long-term hire. It is with this mindset that we recruit and place candidates that we consider the best long-term fit for each company and position. We do not merely identify someone whose keywords on their resume match a job description. We match their goals, values, and personalities with the culture of an organization.

If you are job seeker, please send us your resume so we may work with you to find your perfect job. And if you are a company, we would love to be your business partner and assist you with your recruiting efforts going forward.